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The Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit (CPTC) is a valuable incentive that encourages both production in Canada and the creation of Canadian programming. Administered jointly by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and the Department of Canadian Heritage’s Canadian Audio-Visual Certification Office (CAVCO), this tax credit offers a refundable benefit of 25% of your qualified labour expenditures. In this guide, we’ll explore the key details of the CPTC, including eligibility criteria, application process, and how it can benefit your corporation. Additionally, we’ll introduce you to Tax4Less, a trusted partner that can assist you with tax matters, including CPTC applications, CRA representation, and incorporation services starting at just $375* (Conditions apply, call for details).

Understanding the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit (CPTC):

An Incentive for Canadian Productions

The CPTC serves as a significant driver for Canadian film and television programming while nurturing the growth of the domestic independent production sector. Eligible corporations can claim a fully refundable tax credit of 25% of their qualified labour expenditures. It’s important to note that the qualified labour expenditures should not exceed 60% of production costs (net of assistance). There is no cap on the amount of tax credit you can receive for your production.

Who Can Apply for CPTC?

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the CPTC, your production must meet specific criteria outlined in the Income Tax Regulations. This includes being a treaty coproduction or another film or video production that adheres to the defined requirements. For detailed information on eligibility, please refer to CAVCO’s CPTC Guidelines.

Application Process:

How to Apply for CPTC

The application process for the CPTC involves several steps:
  1. Read CPTC Guidelines: Begin by thoroughly reading the CPTC guidelines and staying updated with any recent public notices.
  2. Create a CAVCO Online Account: If you don’t already have one, create a CAVCO Online account. This account will be essential for submitting your application.
  3. Complete the Online Application: The online application requires various information and documentation, including corporate details, financing and exploitation documentation, personnel information, production details, expenditures documentation, and more. Be prepared to provide comprehensive data about your production.
  4. CRA T2029 Waiver Forms: If applicable, you may need to complete CRA T2029 Waiver forms, especially for Part B applications submitted within specific deadlines.
  5. Production Submission: Depending on your application type, you may need to provide copies of the production. Ensure you have the necessary files or physical copies ready.
  6. Pay the Application Fee: Don’t forget to pay the application fee to complete the submission process.

Processing Time:

What to Expect

CAVCO’s service standard for processing applications is 120 business days, with a performance target of meeting this standard in 85% of cases. Keep in mind that processing times may vary based on specific production details and application complexity.

Tax Matters Made Easy with Tax4Less:

Your Trusted Tax Partner

Navigating the intricacies of tax credits and incentives, such as the CPTC, can be complex. That’s where Tax4Less comes in as your trusted tax partner. We offer a range of services designed to assist you in managing your tax-related needs efficiently.
  1. CPTC Application Assistance: Tax4Less can help streamline your CPTC application process, ensuring that all required documentation and information are correctly submitted.
  2. CRA Representation: Dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency can be challenging, especially during audits or disputes. Tax4Less provides professional CRA representation services, giving you peace of mind and expert support.
  3. Incorporation Services: If you’re considering incorporation for your production company, Tax4Less can guide you through the process starting at just $375* (Conditions apply, call for details), including all government fees. Incorporating your business can offer benefits such as limited liability and potential tax advantages.


The Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit (CPTC) is a valuable incentive that can significantly benefit your corporation’s production endeavors. Understanding the eligibility criteria, the application process, and the potential benefits is crucial to maximizing your tax benefits. When you need expert assistance with CPTC applications, CRA representation, incorporation services, or any other tax-related matters, Tax4Less is here to simplify the process. Our affordable services and experienced team can provide the guidance and support you need to navigate the complexities of tax incentives successfully. Remember, taking advantage of available tax credits can enhance the financial health of your corporation and contribute to the growth of the Canadian film and television industry. [Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute tax advice. For personalized advice related to your specific tax situation, please consult a tax professional or the Canada Revenue Agency.] *Price subject to change. Contact Tax4Less for the most up-to-date pricing information.

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