Ontario Refundable Media Tax Credits: A Comprehensive Guide



Ontario’s thriving media industry has long attracted corporations looking to benefit from the Ontario refundable media tax credits. These incentives, provided through the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA), offer substantial opportunities for businesses to maximize their tax benefits while contributing to the growth of Ontario’s media sector. In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricate world of Ontario media tax credits, from eligibility criteria to the application process. Plus, we’ll introduce you to Tax4Less, a trusted partner that can assist with your incorporation needs for just $375* (Conditions apply, call for details) and provide expert CRA representation.

Unlocking Ontario Refundable Media Tax Credits:


The CRA, in collaboration with the Film Services Units, oversees the review and audit of Ontario refundable media tax credit claims. Before diving into the claim process, it’s crucial to note that obtaining a certificate of eligibility from Ontario Creates is a prerequisite.

Electronic Filing Requirements

As of now, corporations with annual gross revenue exceeding $1 million are mandated to file their T2 returns electronically. This rule excludes certain corporations, such as insurance corporations, non-resident corporations, those reporting in functional currency, and those exempt from tax under section 149 of the Income Tax Act. However, please be aware that this $1 million threshold is expected to be eliminated for tax years commencing after 2023. Subsequently, most corporations will need to file their returns electronically. For those filing electronically, the T2 Attach-a-Doc feature can be a valuable resource. On the other hand, if you opt for a paper return, you must send the return and all necessary attachments to your designated tax center.

The Claim Process:

After You File Your Claim for Ontario Refundable Media Tax Credits

Once your claim for an Ontario media tax credit is submitted, the CRA takes charge of processing all T2 returns, conducts audit reviews for refundable tax credits, and issues assessments and reassessments.

Claim Status

  • For claims not selected for audit, processing typically takes place within 60 days from the CRA’s receipt of your complete claim.
  • If your claim undergoes an audit review, processing time extends to approximately 120 days from the receipt of a complete claim.
  • The CRA maintains a commitment to meet these service standards 90% of the time. Other Ontario media tax credits are processed within reasonable time frames.
For inquiries about your T2 return and media tax credit claims, the CRA’s Film Services Units are your go-to contacts.


Tax refunds, whether federal or provincial, claimed on a T2 Corporation – Income Tax Return, are issued by the CRA. The refund amount is net of outstanding federal and provincial taxes. Unlike a tax refund assignment, a corporation can redirect its tax refund, net of any taxes owed, to its preferred mailing address, which may include a financial institution. However, the payee on the refund will be the eligible corporation filing the claim.

Handling Reassessments and Complaints:


Following the assessment of your return, the CRA will either:
  • Send you an email notification, if you’re registered for email notifications through My Business Account, or
  • Mail you a notice of assessment.
It’s essential to carefully review the notice of assessment and compare it to your copy of the corporation’s return. If clarification is needed or you have questions regarding the assessment, contact the CRA using the provided telephone number. The CRA retains the right to reassess your T2 return or make additional assessments of tax, interest, and penalties within specific time limits, dependent on your corporation’s type and the nature of the reassessment.

Service Complaints

You are entitled to expect fair treatment and a high level of service each time you engage with the CRA. If you’re dissatisfied with the service received:
  • Attempt to resolve the issue with the employee you’ve been dealing with or call the telephone number provided in the correspondence.
  • If resolution isn’t achieved, request to discuss the matter with the employee’s supervisor.
  • If the problem persists, file a service-related complaint by completing Form RC193, Service Feedback. Further details on filing a complaint can be found here.
  • If you remain unsatisfied with how the CRA handled your service-related complaint, consider submitting a complaint to the Office of the Taxpayers’ Ombudsperson.

Formal Disputes and Reprisal Complaints:

Formal Disputes

When you disagree with an assessment, determination, or decision, you have the right to initiate a formal dispute. Additional information on objections or formal disputes and related deadlines can be found here.

Reprisal Complaints

If you’ve previously submitted a service complaint or requested a formal review and believe you were not treated impartially, you can file a reprisal complaint by completing Form RC459, Reprisal Complaint.

Helpful Forms and Publications:

For reference and assistance, the following forms and publications may be useful:


Ontario refundable media tax credits offer significant opportunities for corporations to optimize their tax benefits while contributing to the growth of Ontario’s media industry. Understanding the intricacies of the claim process, filing requirements, and addressing assessments and disputes are crucial steps in making the most of these incentives. When it comes to your corporation’s incorporation needs, tax credit applications, or CRA representation, turn to Tax4Less for expert guidance and assistance. Our services are designed to simplify your tax-related endeavors and ensure compliance with government regulations. Start your journey toward maximizing your tax benefits and supporting Ontario’s vibrant media sector with Tax4Less. [Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute tax advice. For personalized advice related to your specific tax situation, please consult a tax professional or the Canada Revenue Agency.] *Price subject to change. Contact Tax4Less for the most up-to-date pricing information.

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